Friday, 5 December 2014

Glamour at Its Finest

This look is all about the gold accents. I frequently pair grey colouring with gold accents because I love the way it looks. There's something about the dullness of the grey and the radiance of the gold that really pieces something together. I really loved this dress because of the subtle pleating at the sides and the way it flares out at the bottom. It really stood out from all the other t shirt dresses on the rack next to it. And it wouldn't be a look without amazing sunglasses. I feel as though sunglasses never really get old. I tend to pick the pictures that I am wearing sunglasses in because it really emphasises and amps up the glamour of any outfit. For this look I really wanted to go full out with the glamour side of the clothes. No matter how hard I try my styling always leans towards casual instead of full on fancy. This was a definite change.

Dress: Mirrou
Sunglasses: Thai Market
Necklace: Glassons
Wedges: Isabella Anselmi

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