Saturday 14 March 2015

Tropical Paradise - Featuring Euae Swimwear

In this post, I teamed up with a brand new swimwear company called Euae. Euae is run from the little island of Singapore where a group of friends run the business. The second I saw this upcoming brand's designs I was hooked. Euae Swimwear have the most unique style and edge to their bikinis. They are so different to bikinis you usually see. They are fully reversible and available in a range of sizes. This whole brand revolves around the tropics. This company has a range of different designs to suit anyones personal preference. The quality of these bikinis are great and they have lots of structure, even though they are strapless, due to the thick swimsuit material.

Outfit Details
Bikini - The Meridian Set by Euae Swimwear

Makeup Details
Mascara - Falsies by Maybelline 
Lipstick - Girl about Town by MAC
BB Cream - Dream Fresh by Maybelline 

Saturday 7 March 2015

Styling - Wilde Hearts Boutique

In this post, I really wanted to change it up a bit. I love this post because along with the glowing skin, the white dress creates a great contrast you don't usually see in high fashion. Although t-shirt dress's are usually casual wear, I think any thing can be made formal by adding certain items to the look. I love the pop of colour the lipstick and the bandana give, it adds a unique style. The t-shirt dress is from Wilde Hearts Boutique and truly makes this whole look stand out from all my others.

Wilde Hearts Boutique is a new and upcoming online shop selling a range of items you would kill to have in your wardrobe. They have an amazing aesthetic at their shop! Their audience ranges from 15-25 and are targeted people that are outside of the box and love to have fun with their style. Wilde Hearts Boutique is a online store which has a showroom and warehouse right here in New Zealand. Situated in the North Shore, they have handpicked pieces that are edgy without losing there feminine touch. Apparel, shoes, accessories, you name it! Wilde Hearts Boutique is the place to shop!  

Outfit Details
T-Shirt Dress - Wilde Hearts boutique

Makeup and Jewellery
Lipstick- Expert Last Rouge à Levres NYC in 441 Traffic Jam 
Contour- Sugar Baby Pretty Sweet in Glow Getter 
Double Necklace - The Organix

Tuesday 24 February 2015

The Boho Festival - Model Emma

I have started to love photographing other people for this blog. I love searching for people that I think would have a great look and a future in a modelling agency! This beauty right here is Emma. I have really loved going out of the box with my blog posts this year in general, I have tried to interest you guys into things you don't usually see from me. In this case, the whole concept of this shoot was boho. Along with white dots on her face, we chose a floral background to suit the romper. This is the perfect outfit for a festival or boho event like Coachella in the US.

Outfit Details
Romper- Wild Pair 
Heels- Jeffery Cambell

I tried to keep this makeup look very natural like I always do. I have never been a fan of caking up my models because I would prefer them to look as natural as possible. Here, Emma is wearing some concealer, mascara and a pink lip colour. 

Makeup Details
Lipstick - Maybelline Colour Drama
Highlighter - Benefit Watt's up 
Bronzer/contour - NYC Big Bold Bronzing powder
Concealer - MAC  

Tuesday 17 February 2015

Edgy Rocker

This ones for all my edgy rocker girls out there looking to expand their wardrobe. This is one of my favourite blog posts ever. Along with my side cornrowed hair, the top and ripped jeans they all scream edginess. Over the holidays I have really been getting into simple monocrome outfits. I have always been into super bright colours until now. The whole trend of this year has been simple, simple and simple. People are no longer pushing the limits of fashion. Now, that doesn't sound like a good thing but it really is. People no longer need to wear the most outrageous things to be called fashionable. A clear example is this styling. 

In this post, I paired a black Arctic Monkeys band top with ripped jeans and heeled booties. This amazing band merch t-shirt is from Indalt the Label. I love this store! They sell the most interesting and unique clothing. They currently have a limited selection in store, but are expanding their shop further throughout these months. They target an indie and alternative audience. Their items are completely handmade and can be personalised to whatever group or band you enjoy! The quality of the material is stretchy and soft. Many merchandise of bands I see are completely overpriced but that is not the case for Indalt. All of their t-shirts are valued at only 15 dollars! I love the simplicity of their designs and I am sure you guys will too! This whole arrangement is a regular outfit repeat for me! 

Outfit Details
Arctic Monkeys T-Shirt-
Ripped Jeans- Pull and Bear
Booties- Nine West 

The jewellery in this post totally completes this outfit. Adding some jewellery that is out of an edgy girls comfort zone is the perfect way to try something new. These pieces on their own might not look so edgy but together they are. I love how these necklaces are somewhat girly but still don't over shadow what the whole outfit is about. This amazing crystal and moon pair is from La Lune NZ. I was extremely impressed when these gems arrived in the mail. The quality of these items is immense and you can definitely tell they are made with the highest standard of precision. La Lune the brand, is all about expressing free spirit through your jewellery. Completely based in Auckland, the company has a huge variety of stones and charms that can be paired together like this combo. The Clear Quartz Sterling Silver Necklace and this Simple Moon Sterling Silver Necklace. Along with the quality and the concept behind the whole brand, La Lune is definitely a company to know and trust with your jewellery.

La Lune:

Saturday 14 February 2015

8 Fashion Mistakes Everyone Does

Everyone makes mistakes in fashion. Following a trend can often hypnotize you into thinking a style will look good on everyone. In most situations, overdoing items such as jewelry and designer clothing will look tacky. Remembering that you don’t have to buy expensive clothing just to look good or in ‘fashion’ will save you hundreds of dollars. Fashion is about expressing who you are through your clothes not about the price tag. Keep these do’s and don'ts in mind on your next shopping trip.

  1. Bling Overload
Acessories will never go out of fashion but the mistake people make is going overboard with bling such as gold and or silver. These accessories will clash tremendously and can make your outfit look cheaper than it really is. For a more ‘now’ look try pairing your outfit with one bold staple piece or a few dainty pieces of jewelry. Modesty is the rule.

  1. Showing Panty Line
This will never be flattering whether you like it or not. Showing panty line has never been in fashion and will never be in fashion. This can be avoided with seamless and nude coloured underwear.

  1. Dressing Outside of your age
Whether you are a teenage girl or a woman, dressing appropriate to your age with always benefit you. When you see a young girl wearing layers of makeup this usually hides their natural beauty that they already have. This also goes for older women wearing clothes that their daughters would usually wear, often not flattering at all. This can be avoided by not only shopping in an appropriate store for your age, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun with fashion. You can still feel stylish wearing classy clothing and you will often look more stylish because of the conservativity of the outfit.

  1. Denim on denim
Denim will never go out of style. But this goes to say that wearing denim on denim will never be as flattering as having them separate. Denim is a staple piece but having an outfit entirely made of denim will often look very peculiar because of the clashing materials. Try pairing a simple top with a pair of jeans, this will look casual but can be dressed up and down with accessory pieces.  

  1. Dressing for the price not the fashion
Anyone can be stylish without paying 1000’s of dollars for the most basic outfits. Thrift shops around Auckland carry great pieces of clothing you just have to keep a look out for them. This will also make your style more unique as most of the items in thrift stores haven’t been mass produced. Fashion is about expressing yourself through your clothing and no one is really going to care how much you payed for that item.

  1. Looking too casual
If you would wear your outfit to bed it might not be the best fitting and looking outfit. I am all for comfort but sometimes people take it to the next level and it is not necessarily a good thing. Every once in a while it is nice to put your full effort into your outfit. This is scientifically proven to make you feel happier. If you look good, you feel good.

  1. Wearing only designer clothing
When people over do designer clothing it often looks very tacky. The theory people use is that by showing a huge designer logo they are in fact ‘rich’ and ‘stylish. There is nothing wrong with accessorising with a few pieces from a designer brand but overdoing this can come off as too flashy and will ruin your outfit. We’ve all seen that one person that thinks she is the most stylish person in the world just because she is wearing really expensive designer clothing. Usually, these pieces of clothing are used for editorial photoshoots, not for day to day outfits. Keep this in mind when shopping for designer clothing.

  1. Wearing fashion that does not compliment your body type
If it looked good on the model it will not necessarily compliment everyones body type. Everyone has a unique body shape. This means some things look better on one person then it would on another. Shopping for your body type will benefit you completely and will also make you feel happier and more confident in your own skin.

Monday 19 January 2015

The Best Summer yet

This outfit is for all those bold fashion icons that are wanting some inspiration on how to make a summer outfit colourful and fun. Originally, this outfit was just a plain tee with some jeans but this amazing top came along and it was completely transformed. This amazing top is from CPS Thailand which is so unfortunate because I would love it to be from a shop in New Zealand, but I decided I would post this blog post anyway since it could be great inspiration for someone looking to dress up. I absolutely love the combo of this top and the denim because it adds a huge impact to a previously drab outfit. Have fun with clothes! Go out of your comfort zone! I know I did with this post, I usually wear black and grey all year long :D

This summer has been amazing for New Zealand. Wasn't expected it to be 27 degrees some days in Auckland. So of course if you are wearing this in the purest of summers in NZ definitely wear some distressed jean shorts and it will give the same effect as we have with long jeans. Hope you guys enjoy! 

Outfit Details:
Top: CPS Thailand
Jeans: Glassons
Shoes: Fit Flops

Sunday 28 December 2014

Floral Frenzy

Coco+Dawn is a brand new fashion boutique that sells labels such as Finders Keepers, All about Eve and many more. They have a variety of sales at the moment so go check it out! For this look I really felt like doing a summery floral array of clothing. Since it just officially became summer in New Zealand, the weather is finally good enough to start wearing playsuits and dresses. This beautiful playsuit is from Coco+Dawn, I absolutely adore this website because it is stocked full of amazing pieces. They kindly sent me this amazing playsuit and I have to say I am truly so impressed by the quality and colour vibrancy of this garment.  It is made up of a gorgeous blue rose fabric that is made out of a mixture of polyester and cotton. It is a nice thick material that is soft and very comfy to wear (especially when shooting for 2 hours in the sun). The playsuit has a skort overlay front and has a very flattering cut out at the back that exposes your mid back area. Complete with a high neck line, this playsuit is one to die for.

The playsuit was extremely easy to style because of the bold vibrant colours. You could leave it not accessorised or to complete the outfit add some simple pieces. In this case, I am wearing this beautiful dainty drop chain from Charm Doll, this company sells a variety of different jewellery ranging from rings and earrings to necklaces and chokers. There pieces are great quality and dainty. I love all their styles and they have a great eye for amazing designs. 

Clothing Worn
Summer Skies PlaySuit - Coco+Dawn
Dainty Drop Chain - Charm Doll