Monday, 3 November 2014

The Secret to Styling Leather

Yes we all want to wear leather. The problem is we don't all want to look like we are full on rocking that rocker chick vibe. Leather is about edge but it can also be chic. These are some of the tips I have for styling leather and a way I personally would style it.

Most people are scared of leather. No its not physically scary but people are scared of the idea of being 'out there'. That's where they are wrong. Leather can be made extremely casual but can also be something you would wear to a high end party or club. No matter which way you choose to style leather it will always look edgy, but that is definitely not a bad thing.

If you are wanting more of a casual look try pairing a leather jacket with a dress, sweater or something more feminine. This will weaken the 'biker chic' style but not harm the actual point of the outfit. Also paired with this try steering away from more leather and adding in some ripped or plain jeans.  If you are wanting something more classy for a formal event try pairing a leather skirt or pants that have texture to them with a blinged up sweater. This will look really sophisticated but also edgy. Or if you have other ideas in mind that you think would look good on you, GO FOR IT! Please don't hold back :D

Hope you enjoy
Beau xx

Daytime Look
Here I am wearing this Massimo Rebecchi leather jacket styled with a turtle neck sweater from Cue. This outfits is paired with Denim Rules By TRF jeans and the sunglasses are from Lippy.

Night-time Look 
For this look I am wearing a skirt from Little One and the sweater is from Haeha.

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