Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Glowing Goddess - Model Jessica

I have been obsessed with highlighter and contouring this month. It makes such a big difference in the way you look. By using highlighter it gives you an amazing glow that will entirely change your appearance. The styling for this post was for a fancy day time party. The clothes were monochrome but by adding the beautiful highlighter to her cheeks, it added vibrancy and youthfulness to the look. This beautiful model pictured here is Jessica Shilton. I felt she was perfect for this post because she can pull of any look. Everyone can pull off a bit of highlighter and contouring because it is enhancing your inner beauty without masking it. I strongly recommend to using highlighter and a bit of contouring because it can turn night time clothing to be more suitable to daytime without needing to change clothing. This outfit is also pretty affordable and can be worn in many ways :) 

Strapless top - Glassons
Tube skirt- Valley Girl
Shoes- Converse All Stars

Highlighter - Elf Shimmering Facial Whip in Golden Peach
Contour - Rimmel London Blusher in 127 Tuscany

Model: Jessica Shilton 
Instagram: @jess_shiltz07

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