Monday, 19 January 2015

The Best Summer yet

This outfit is for all those bold fashion icons that are wanting some inspiration on how to make a summer outfit colourful and fun. Originally, this outfit was just a plain tee with some jeans but this amazing top came along and it was completely transformed. This amazing top is from CPS Thailand which is so unfortunate because I would love it to be from a shop in New Zealand, but I decided I would post this blog post anyway since it could be great inspiration for someone looking to dress up. I absolutely love the combo of this top and the denim because it adds a huge impact to a previously drab outfit. Have fun with clothes! Go out of your comfort zone! I know I did with this post, I usually wear black and grey all year long :D

This summer has been amazing for New Zealand. Wasn't expected it to be 27 degrees some days in Auckland. So of course if you are wearing this in the purest of summers in NZ definitely wear some distressed jean shorts and it will give the same effect as we have with long jeans. Hope you guys enjoy! 

Outfit Details:
Top: CPS Thailand
Jeans: Glassons
Shoes: Fit Flops

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